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Cold Steel, Talwar Sword w/Leather Scabbard

Cold Steel, Talwar Sword w/Leather Scabbard

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The blade is hand forged from tough 1055 Carbon steel and features a broad fuller and a combat sharp edge. The hilt is equally well made. Fashioned from brass with an intricately decorated surface, it offers short, thick quillons, a single knuckle bow and the traditional dish shaped pommel to lock in your hand. Supplied with an excellent scabbard made of wood covered in black leather and capped at either end with a thick brass throat and chape, our Indian Talwar is a ferociously effective cutting sword that will serve you well on or off the battlefield.

  • Blade Length: 28 3/4 inch
  • Overall Length: 33 7/8 inch
  • Blade Material: 1090 High Carbon
  • Weight: 38 oz.
  • Includes: Leather Scabbard w/Brass Fittings

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